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Barista Coffees

  • Latte

  • Cappuccino

  • Flat white

  • Espresso

  • Americano

Nelson & Norfolk Teas

Served in individual teapots

  • Peppers Own Blend

    • An all-day blend of the finest quality black teas produces a characteristically rich and refreshing cup of tea.

  • Nelson's Victory

    • Specially selected Assam teas blended to give a full and flavoured brew.​

  • Lady Nelson's Grey

    • A delightful Earl Grey with hints of orange blossom and rose petals. Perfect with a slice of lemon.

  • Admiral's Earl Grey

    • The classic recipe flavoured with bergamot oil. Milk or lemon optional.​

  • Decaff tea

    • All the flavour and character of our regular tea - but decaffeinated for those sensitive to caffeine.​

  • Nelson's Blood Orange

    • This refreshing orange caffeine free infusion is naturally sweet and full of juicy flavours.​

  • Norfolk Country Garden

    • The perfect combination of English garden fruits and berries, it's deliciously fruity and bursting with flavour.​

  • Moroccan Green Mint

    • This green tea is perfectly blended with mint leaves and makes an excellent digestif after a meal or as a refreshing pick me up.​

  • Spiced Apple Chai

    • A lively mix of black tea, classic Indian spices and bright notes of crisp apple, it's juicy and pleasantly swe​et like apple sauce!

  • Little Snoring Tea

    • A relaxing and soothing herbal blend of Chamomile, Rose Petals and Lavender. Naturally caffeine free.​

  • Cherry Blossom Green

    • This is green ​tea infused with cherry blossom to give a wonderfully light and balanced tea with subtle cherry undertones.

  • Green Tea

    • This traditional green tea produces a light and fragrant liquor with beautifully sweet and delicate flavour.​

Give it Some Beans Coffee

Roasted In Norfolk

  • Peppers Own Blend

    • A blend that is smooth but sweet with nutty. chocolate and caramel undertones. A fabulous coffee for that morning brew to wake you up.

    • Barista style coffee: Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Espresso, Americano​​

  • Around the World in a Cup (cafetiere only)

    • A blend that brings the smoothness from latin America with majestic tastes from Africa, whilst delivering a magical spice aftertaste from Asia.​

  • Unleaded (decaff in cafetiere only)

    • A medium coffee that is smooth and mild to the taste. Rich yet subtle flavours, balanced sweetness with a chocolate and praline undertones.

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